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Why Do Liverpool Have So Many 12:30pm Kick Offs?

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Grey Clock Showing Half Past TwelveHow long is a piece of string?

If anything is possible, is it possible for anything to be impossible?

Can you really expect the unexpected?

These are examples of unanswerable questions; so-called because there isn’t an answer available without additional context.

Presumably somebody, somewhere – at the Premier League, most likely – knows why Liverpool play so many of their games at 12:30pm on a Saturday, and why that is so commonplace immediately after the international break.

But getting an answer….well, it feels like another of those unanswerable questions.

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Jurgen Klopp’s Right: Games CAN Be Replayed Due to VAR Malfunction

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Red Circular Replay Button Against Football Pitch SidelineThe main talking points of any Premier League weekend should be amazing goals, audacious pieces of skill and thrilling games.

And yet, more often than not it’s VAR – whether it’s questionable overrules, a lack of intervention or just downright human error – that dominates the back pages and social media discourse.

Over the course of a season, you’d like to think these things even themselves out – sometimes you’ll be on the right side of an officiating gaffe, other times you’ll be the victim. That’s modern football’s ying and yang.

But when the error is as cataclysmic as the breakdown in communication that cost Liverpool a goal against Tottenham, it’s hard not to feel extremely hard done by.

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End to End: A List of Eight-Goal Thrillers Involving Liverpool

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Football on FirePre-season friendlies are supposed to be about getting minutes into the players’ legs in a none-too-aggressive or competitive environment.

They are not, repeat not, meant to serve up game of the season contenders before the campaign has even kicked off.

But nobody told either Liverpool or German outfit Greuther Furth, who threw the kitchen sink at what was, in theory, a meaningless friendly in July.

Luis Diaz gave a strong Reds side the lead in the first half, before the second period exploded into life with seven – yes, SEVEN – goals.

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